e-CMR with App2Track

Your parcel can be delivered to your doorstep without involving paper. Are you wondering why this is not yet possible within your business processes?
With App2Track you are able to use legally approved digital consignment notes (e-CMR), which reduces the administrative burden and allows you to process your transport quicker.

Legally recognized e-CMR – Digital consignment note platform

App2Track is one of the parties designated by NIWO as a recognized party to issue e-CMRs or digital consignment notes. App2Track is held by the NIWO to precise conditions that must be met as a software supplier.
In the Netherlands, the NIWO has been designated as the competent authority by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Cost savings with App2Track e-CMR

App2Track has two important cost arguments that a study by Hasselt University has shown. An average of EUR 13.00 can be saved per transaction if the paper is replaced by a digital solution.

Savings on immediate costs: Time required for printing, publishing, signing and especially waiting for drivers. When the freight documents have been returned, the administrative processing starts with receiving, sorting, financial processing (packaging transport costs) and archiving.

Savings on indirect costs: extra time needed if the freight documents are not returned to you, or are returned too late or incomplete for processing and archiving. The costs for searching and resolving these errors are an important part of the costs of your paper process.

Is my onboard computer system suitable for App2Track e-CMR?

App2Track supports on-board computer system suppliers with the option of full integration. Currently included are Mercedes Benz Fleetboard, Rietveld, Vehco and the TomTom PRO series. Additionally, App2track has an integration into the question path and/or a data integration with Trimble Fleet XPS tablet on-board computers (in development).

App2Track e-CMR works on both iOS and Android devices and can be used on a phone or tablet.