App2Track for carriers

Share tour data with all your clients using an app on your smartphone.
As the leading drivers’ app for transport and home delivery, App2Track allows you to transform your smartphone or tablet into an onboard computer system.

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Easy installation on phone and tablet

You can download App2Track free of charge to Android or iOS phones and tablets. The app is also available for open Android onboard computer systems such as Mercedes Benz Fleetboard, Rietveld, Vehco and TomTom.

App2Track’s clients include the following companies:

App2Track driver support

Our support team’s motto: there is no excuse not to use App2Track. The App2Track team helps your drivers achieve the highest ratings on their routes and your clients to realize the best tracking for control towers and transportation platforms.

App2Track works with the following partners:

Achieve optimal route ratings with App2Track

App2Track assigns ratings to all routes. This rating is employed to encourage drivers towards better visibility and proper completion of their tasks. The ratings for all the routes are visible within the carrier’s own CMS environment.
Every week, the carrier receives an email with an overview of the previous week. App2Track’s support team reaches out to the carrier if their ratings indicate that help is needed.

  • Tour accepted
  • On time performance
  • Filled in the amount loaded / unloaded
  • Performed tasks
  • Turned GPS on the whole tour