The leading drivers’ app for transport and home delivery

App2Track is the leading drivers’ app for transport and home delivery, now used by more than 700 companies and 20.000 drivers. By sending the current route plan to your driver via telephone or tablet, you will gain insight into your deliveries. Track your deliveries in real-time and realize paperless transport.

Easy to use

App2Track is complete, easy to use, affordable and quick.

App2Track’s user-friendly design makes the app easy to use, even for drivers who aren’t familiar with smartphones. The professional App2Track support team will guide your drivers and ensure that your organization quickly benefits from the use of App2Track.

App2Track allows drivers to swap or take over each other’s routes without intermediaries. The app is also available for open Android onboard computer systems such as Mercedes Benz Fleetboard, Rietveld, Vehco and TomTom.

Easy to use

App2Track is simple and user-friendly. If necessary, an instruction is available.

Your own device

The app is available on Android and iOS and can be installed on open Android platforms in the cab.

Pay per use

The costs are calculated per order and track & trace only with active use.

Your transport paperless

By connecting App2Track to your administration, it is possible to realize complete paperless transport. Processing paper logbooks and paper consignment notes is a time consuming process. App2Track takes you by the hand and helps you replace this paper security with more efficient, less costly procedures.


Your privacy is important to us. App2Track is ISO 27001 certified. This shows that App2Track takes data security very seriously and that your data security has been brought to a high standard.

“App2Track relieves the florist’s workload and our drivers are very enthusiastic.”

– Yvonne Schalk, owner Life & Garden Etten-Leur
Life & Garden delivers flowers directly to the consumer’s  home on behalf of TopBloemen. The drivers use App2Track to indicate when and where the order has been delivered. Would you like to know more about how Life & Garden and TopBloemen use App2Track? Watch the video!

App2Track’s clients include the following companies: