App2Track for forwarders

Do you want to receive real-time information about your carriers’ routes? With App2Track, you gain insight into location and delivery information. Thanks to the app that every driver can use, you will be in complete control.

Easy to use and affordable

App2Track can be used on both iOS and Android so that every driver can use their own smartphone or tablet. Onboarding, instructions and encouraging the use of App2Track are provided by the App2Track support team. Your own attention is reserved for more important matters.

App2Track does not work with licensing fees, you only pay for the actual use of App2Track, calculated monthly in arrears.

App2Track driver support

The App2Track support team guides and encourages drivers to use the app. Drivers are motivated through a unique rating system and electronic logbook.

Connect to systems

App2Track can be connected to your business systems.
Are you using the Simacan Control Tower or a TMS? These systems can be connected to App2Track, so data from these systems can be used in the app.

App2Track works with the following partners: