App2Track for SMEs

App2Track is the leading drivers’ app for transport and home delivery, now used by more than 700 companies and 20.000 drivers. By sending the current route plan to your driver via telephone or tablet, you will gain insight into your deliveries. Track your deliveries in real-time and realize paperless transport.

Your deliveries paperless within a day with App2Track

Do you want to process deliveries quicker, and do you no longer want to wait for the delivery person to return to your office with the signed documents?

With App2Track, you have the Proof of Delivery readily available at the time of delivery. Via a sign-on-glass, photo or scan, the signature arrives directly in the App2Track CMS. This gives you real-time insight into deliveries

Easy to use and quick implementation

Hired transport is also live within a day

Available for all iOS and Android phones and tablets

Connect to well-known software systems for SMEs

Real-time track & trace

With App2Track you can track deliveries in real-time. Manage a live dashboard and send personalized messages to your customers about delivery, including real-time tracking links. This allows you to provide better assistance on the road and reduces the number of phone calls to your customer service.

Navigation and route optimization

Planning the best route and distributing the orders over your vehicles can be done with App2Track. Your driver selects the desired navigation tool on his phone or tablet to display the route.

Integrate with your software system

App2Track integrates with any ERP, CRM or OMS system via the API, Excel or the Open Trip Model. An automated data flow between your system and App2Track guarantees up-to-date information for both the driver and the customer.