Connected Transport platoon


In the first week of October, logistics partners, governments and knowledge institutes came together for the Experience Week Connected Transport. During that week, tests were carried out with convoy trucks that used smart technologies including App2Track. No less than 49 rides during the Experience Week were driven in convoy from the Ahold distribution centre with App2Track.

Why Connected Transport?

The Experience Week was a live demo of Connected Transport. The test week is the result of an initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works with the aim of improving sustainability, efficiency and safety in the logistics sector. Due to the growing volume of freight traffic on the Dutch motorways, it is important to manage this in the right direction. During the Experience Week it was tested how convoy driving and the use of technologies can contribute to this. Watch the video for an impression of the Experience Week.

The role of App2Track at Connected Transport

App2Track is the smartphone application for sharing data with forwarders. All test drives in convoy from the Ahold distribution centre were driven with App2Track during the Experience week. App2Track offers drivers more control over the process, so the driver can choose whether he wants to drive a route in a convoy or not. Within App2Track, the driver has insight into who is driving with the convoy, what time the convoy leaves and from where. As soon as the trip is accepted, the convoy can leave at the scheduled time. Every second a location update takes place and the location of the convoy can be viewed in the Simacan Control Tower. At the end of the joint ride, the convoy splits up and each truck goes its own way. From the Simacan Control Tower it is also possible to see where the truck is located after the split and the time of arrival at the destination is known.

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