App2Track op Mercedes Benz Fleetboard


From Bring Your Own Device to Bring Your Own Mercedes: App2Track is now also available on the Mercedes-Benz Fleetboard onboard computer system!

On the occasion of the launch of App2Track on this onboard computer system, we at Optimizers B.V. were honoured with a visit from Mercedes-Benz. We were able to admire the new Mercedes-Benz Actros, where the side mirrors are replaced by cameras. The Fleetboard onboard computer system is integrated in the Actros in the dashboard. Any carrier can install App2Track on it free of charge and use the PIM digital transaction database for e-CMR.

Read more about App2Track for carriers here.

Update 28-11-2019

BKM Transport is the first carrier to use App2Track on the Mercedes Benz Fleetboard onboard computer system.

App2Track op fleetboard